Activate Your Account

Initial Credentials

To activate your Clark University account, please enter your Username and Initial Password as provided in your Admissions portal, or your Welcome email/letter.

Create Your New Password

Next, please create your new password, making sure that it conforms with Clark University's password requirements:

  • Cannot be one of your previous five passwords
  • Cannot contain non-English characters

    Your new password will expire 365 days after it is set. We suggest that your Clark Account password be unique and not be used on any other computer systems (e.g. Facebook, Google).

Create Your Shared Secret

In the future, if you need to identify yourself with the Help Desk, you may be asked for your shared secret information. It should be information that is not readily known or obtained by most people, but easy for you to remember. For example:

Prepare to Set-up Multi-Factor Authentication

Clark University secures our community members' accounts with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA is a security measure that requires you to present two pieces of evidence of who you are when logging in to an account. In order to access Clark resources, you will need to provide the correct password AND confirmation from a second factor, such as a smartphone application, SMS message or security token. After activating your account, when you first access protected Clark resources (such as your email) you will need to set-up MFA.

To do so, you will need continued access to either:
- an Apple or Android smartphone with access to the app store and the ability to install an app
- A cellphone with the ability to receive SMS text messages.

If you're in a position where you can't use either the smartphone application nor SMS to authenticate your account, please contact the Help Desk ( to discuss other options. For more information or instructions to set-up MFA, visit , or contact the Help Desk for more support.

Clark University's Appropriate Use Policy